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Discover balance at Bio-Spa: Fitness and relaxation at your reach

Entrenador personal tenerife

Want to revitalise both your body and mind after a workout? At Bio-Spa Wellness, we combine gym and spa to offer you a unique fitness and relaxation experience.

Maximise your workout with relaxation options

After an intense workout in our gym, enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, massages and the warmth of our spa to relax your muscles, improve blood circulation and reduce stress. In addition, we provide a tranquil environment ideal for your physical and mental recovery.

Explore the exclusive Bio-Spa Wellness options

  • Personalised Workout and Spa Circuit 1H: Enjoy a gym and spa experience with our combined personal training and spa circuit session. Start with a detailed analysis of your needs with our personal trainer, Alexis, followed by 60 minutes of personalised exercise and an hour of relaxation in the spa.
  • Personalised Training 1H + Personalised Massage 50 MIN: Enjoy a relaxing massage after a personalised personal training session. After a detailed assessment, Alexis will guide you through a stimulating workout, followed by a 50 minute personalised massage to relieve muscle tension.
  • Couple experiences: Want to achieve your fitness goals with a loved one? At Bio-Spa, we offer couple training options to strengthen your bond as you work on your health and balance together:

    Couples personal trainer 60 min: Looking to get fit but don’t know where to start? With our personal trainer Alexis, the path to personalised, shared fitness is easy. Experience a 60-minute personalised workout with your partner, including techniques such as functional training, HIIT, spa and personalised body therapy.

    – Couples Bio-Spa Experiences: Immerse yourself in relaxation and rejuvenation together with our couples spa experiences.

Book your personalised experience at Bio-Spa

If you are looking for a gym near you or a spa in Tenerife South, Bio-Spa Wellness is your perfect choice. Whether you are looking for a spa circuit or a relaxing massage, we have it all. We offer you the perfect combination of gym with a personal trainer and spa fitness experiences, providing you with a balance between exercise and relaxation.

Book your personalised Bio-Spa experience now and start your journey to a more balanced and happier life!