ritual reina de egipto

Queen of Egypt Ritual

ALQVIMIA seeks inspiration in the figure of Cleopatra to offer you an experience that will help you stay young and attractive. The properties of the Dead Sea, along with frankincense, myrrh and petitgrain essential oils will rejuvenate your skin while giving you a feeling of Harmony, Fascination and Beauty that will make you feel like a real queen.

Duration: 90 min

Ritual Oasis de Serenidad

Serene Oasis Ritual

Stress, nerves and rushing about put our health off-balance, resulting in ageing and degeneration. The combination of an anti-stress body treatment and a nourishing and moisturising facial treatment will provide you with the peace and physical and mental relaxation you need. Immerse yourself in a sea of profound well-being.

Duration: 90 min

Jardín de los deseos Seductive Man

Wishing garden Seductive man

An exclusive facial and corporal ritual for men, based on our Seductive Man product, made with the most powerful essences, seeds and noble woods, applied with the professionalism and delicacy of expert hands to achieve a balance of your masculine energy and enhance your power of seduction.

Duration: 120 min


Sensuality Ritual Woman

Seduce, fascinate and enjoy are attributes of the feminine Essence. Inspired by the most feminine flowers, this facial and body ritual will change your way of walking through life. It makes a woman feel more beautiful, more sensual, more vital, more creative… You will love yourself more and you will be more self-confident. Let yourself be seduced by the scent of Rose, Jasmine and Neroli and reconnect with your Feminine Essence.

Duration: 120 minutes


Eternal Youth

With a combination of products from our most sublime range, the energy of white quartz, the input of the fire of the Alchemical Moxa and specific anti-aging massage techniques we achieve a visible firming effect on the tissues, a reduction in face inflammation, skin radiance and an overall feeling of well-being, the undisputed source of Beauty and Eternal Youth.

Duration: 90 min


Calm for sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, it provides a soothing and relieving effect, while moisturising and protecting your skin.

Duration: 60 min



Especially suitable for dry skin, achieving a level of full stimulation throughout the epidermal tissue, and helping to keep your skin young and supple.

Duration: 60 min



Suitable for oily skin. It helps clearing your skin, favouring the correction of imperfections for a visibly unified look.

Duration: 60 min



Created specially to rejuvenate your face. Visibly softens the appearance of existing wrinkles. With moisturising, nourishing, antioxidant and regenerating effects.

Duration: 60 min


Depigmenting and brightning

Suitable for all skin types, this facial treatment brightens your complexion and unifies your facial tone (depigmenting effect).

Duration: 60 min

Facial express

Express facial treatment, including make-up removal, peeling and moisturising.
Duration 25 minutes.
At Bio-Spa Victoria we only use 100% natural and cruelty-free products.

Body Sculptor

An intensive treatment programme for problematic parts of the body that will help us to shape these areas and reduce cellulite by oxygenating and purifying the skin. Due to its powerful 100% natural components, it reaffirms, moisturises, tones and stimulates the skin. This is a body treatment suitable for people wanting to reduce fat in specific parts of the body and shape their silhouette.

Duration: 90 min


Our Body Reducing treatment is a global weight loss programme to shape the silhouette, balance the processes that accumulate and eliminate fats, liquids and toxins. This treatment combats excess body volume and exerts a reducing and lipolytic effect.

Duration: 90 min


This treatment programme for the prevention of the dreaded “orange peel” skin oxygenates in order to achieve smooth, uniform and beautiful skin.

Duration: 90 min


The appearance of stretch marks and flaccidity are very common problems in women when they suffer sudden changes in weight. The objective of this body treatment is to treat and prevent stretch marks and flaccidity, repairing and regenerating the tissue.

Duration: 90 min

Exfoliation and hydration

Seaweed salt – Laminaria exfoliation is a body treatment that removes dead skin cells or superficial peeling, providing cleansing, softness and hydration to the skin.
Duration 50 minutes.
At Bio-Spa Victoria we only use 100% natural and cruelty-free products.

Duration: 50 min.

Buts Firmin

Returns all the turgidity and firmness to your breasts with a treatment that regenerates, reaffirms and moisturises the area. With this ALQVIMIA treatment you will achieve all the beauty you are looking for. Achieve a smooth, healthy and nourished bust.

Duration: 60 min.

Generous Bust

A woman’s bust is one of the most sacred parts of her body. Ideal for small breasts or those that have lost their shape after breastfeeding or weight loss.It shapes, gives an appearance of greater volume and beautifies the bust.

Duration: 60 min.